Cold storage shutters

Cold Storage Shutters have been designed to meet the demands of various environments, including cold storage, shops, factories and more. You can choose from High Temperature and Sunlight Resistant Double-Skin Extruded Aluminium Rolling Shutter or Heavy-Duty PU Foam-Insulated Rolling Shutter.

Rolling shutters with PU Foam Insulation that is resistant to high temperatures and sunlight:
Designed for Windows and Shops


  • Temperature Regulation: This shutter is equipped with high-quality PU foam insulation that helps maintain the desired temperature inside your facility, making it perfect for cold storage and temperature-sensitive environments.
  • Sunlight Resistant: This shutter is made of materials resistant to sunlight. UV rays will not affect your merchandise or products.
  • Durability: This shutter is designed to last and perform in harsh conditions. It will pay off your investment over time.
  • Energy Efficiency : This shutter's insulation properties help to reduce energy consumption and costs.
  • Custom Size: Make the shutter fit your needs perfectly and provide the best protection.

Cold Storage Shutters are tailored to your specific requirements, whether temperature control, sun resistance, heavy-duty security or a combination. Select the shutter that best suits your needs and benefit from enhanced functionality and protection.