Safety First with Fire Rated Rolling Shutters

Are you looking for a reliable solution to protect your home from fires and their devastating effects? You've come to the right place! Our Fire Rated Rolling shutters provide ultimate fire protection for your assets and occupants.

The Fire Rated Rolling shutter is a critical and specialized component that provides robust fire protection for commercial and industrial environments. These shutters were designed to protect lives and property in a fire emergency. They are vital for safety and compliance with the fire safety regulations.


  • High-Fire Resistance: These shutters are made of materials resistant to extreme temperatures and fires. They act as a barrier, preventing the spread of fire.
  • Certified fire rating: Our fire-rated rolling shutters comply with international standards for fire safety and are certified for their fire-resistant qualities, providing peace of mind and regulatory compliance.
  • Reliable Operation: These shutters have reliable activation systems, including heat-sensitive sensors, smoke detectors or manual overrides. This ensures timely closure in the event of an emergency fire.
  • Durability: These shutters are built to last and maintain integrity in fire situations. They help to contain fires and protect valuable assets.
  • Customizable options: Customize the design and features according to your needs. This includes size, finish and additional safety mechanisms.
  • Quick Close: These shutters can quickly be closed in an emergency to contain the fire and reduce the risk of spreading it to other building areas.

Fire Rated Rolling shutters will protect your home and family. Fire safety is essential.Fire Rated Rolling shutters provide unmatched protection from fire and peace of mind. They are the best choice to protect your home from fire damage because of their quick response time, compliance with safety regulations, and customization options.