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Unveiling the Durability and Style of Polycarbonate Rolling Shutters

These rolling shutters have been designed with precision and are engineered to last. They provide excellent security.

Our Polycarbonate Roller Shutters offer the perfect combination of security, flexibility, and aesthetics. These shutters have been designed to be versatile and to provide protection.

Our polycarbonate rolling shutters have three designs catering to various applications and aesthetic preferences. PC 300 (Polycarbonate pipe design), PC 303(Polycarbonate rib design), and PC 100(Continuous Polycarbonate profile design) are all examples. These innovative shutters combine style and security with transparency, making them ideal for residential and commercial use.


  • Polycarbonate construction: These rolling shutters have been constructed from high-quality material that is made to last. They are solid and resilient and provide long-term performance.
  • Light and Transparency: Polycarbonate's transparency allows ample natural lighting to enter the space while still allowing you to see what is around you. This feature is ideal for businesses wanting to display their products and homeowners looking for well-lit interiors.
  • Customizable aesthetics: Choose between three unique designs that match the aesthetics of your property and its requirements: PC 300, with a Polycarbonate pipe design; PC 303, with a Polycarbonate rib design; or PC 100, with a continuous Polycarbonate profile.
  • Weather Resistant: These shutters have been designed to resist various weather conditions, including rain, winds, and extreme temperatures. This ensures that your property is protected all year round.
  • Privacy and Security: Polycarbonate shutters are reliable in terms of security and privacy. They act as a barrier to unauthorized intrusion and access while maintaining privacy.
  • Manual Operation or Motorized Operation: Choose either manual or motorized operation based on your comfort and operational preferences.