Sectional Over Head Door

Our Sectional Overhead Garage Doors offer exceptional security, functionality and durability for various applications. We offer two types of overhead doors: the Industrial Insulated Overhead Door, available in Vertical and Standard Lift configurations. The other is the Sectional Overhead Garage Door, which has additional safety features.

Industrial Insulated Overhead Doors (Vertical Lift and Standard Lift)


  • Robust construction: These industrial doors are designed to be durable and provide security for industrial and warehouse facilities.
  • Insulation:The insulated design regulates indoor temperatures and makes them ideal for environments requiring controlled climate conditions.
  • Standard and Vertical Lift Configurations: Select between standard and vertical lift configurations depending on your space and operational needs.
  • Custom Size: You can customize the dimensions of your door to fit your facility and ensure a perfect fit.
  • Safety Features: Industrial overhead doors have safety features to protect users and their property, including sensors and emergency stop controls.
Sectional Overhead garage door with additional safety features:


  • Residential Use and Light Commercial Applications: These garage doors suit residential garages and light commercial applications such as workshops and storage areas.
  • Safety Features :These doors can include additional safety measures, such as finger pinch protection and infrared sensors, to ensure the safety of their users.
  • Customizable Designs: Select from a wide range of colours, styles and materials that match the aesthetics of your property.
  • Remote Control: Many models are compatible for easy and convenient operation with remote control systems.

Our Sectional Overhead Doors offer tailored solutions to meet the needs of various environments. These doors are the ideal combination of performance, safety and customization, whether you require an insulated industrial garage or a convenient and secure door for your small business or home.