Rolling Shutter Motor

Rolling Shutter Motors is a convenient and reliable way to automate the operation of rolling shutters. Two distinct motor types are available: Side Motors and Tubular Motors. Each is designed to meet the specific needs and preferences of each customer

Side Motor


  • Side Mounted Design: This design is suitable for retrofitting and new installations.
  • High torque: These engines provide enough power to easily open and close roller shutters of different sizes and weights.
  • Manual override: A manual override function allows manual operation during a power outage or an emergency.
  • Reliable performance: Side Motors are known for being durable and designed to withstand repeated use and exposure to elements.
  • Remote control compatibility: Many motors on the side can be controlled by remote controls, making it easy to operate from afar.

Tubular motor


  • Compact Design: Tubular Motors are Installed Within the Roller Tube of the Rolling Shutter, Offering a Discreet and Space-Saving Solution.
  • Quiet and Smooth Operation: This motor suits residential and commercial environments.
  • Integration: Tubular Motors can be easily integrated into home automation systems. This allows for remote control and voice command.
  • Energy Efficiency: Some models have energy-efficient features such as reduced standby electricity consumption.
  • Manual override: Tubular motors can also feature manual override in emergencies.

Side Motors and Tubular Motors both offer convenience in automating rolling-shutter operations. However, the choice depends on installation preferences, available space, and desired features. You can choose between the external installation of the side motor or the compact and discrete design of the tubular motor. Both offer enhanced security, convenience and efficiency.