Tensile Shades/Tents, Parking Shades

Our Tensile Shades/Tents, Parking Shades, and other innovative solutions are designed to provide shade, shelter, and protection in various outdoor environments. These versatile structures combine durability with modern aesthetics, making them suitable for many applications.


  • Modern Design: Tensile tents and shades feature modern, aesthetically pleasing designs that enhance the appeal of outdoor areas.
  • Durable Material: Made from UV-resistant, weatherproof fabrics and materials.
  • Customization: Select from a wide range of sizes, shapes and colours that will match your requirements and the architecture surrounding it.
  • Wide range of applications: Tensile shade and tents suit various settings, including parks, recreation areas, outdoor seating areas, and event venues.
  • Quick installation: These structures are easy to install and offer a cost-effective and efficient solution for shade.

Parking Shades


  • Protection: Parking Shades offer protection against the sun’s UV rays. They keep vehicles cool and reduce interior heat.
  • Weather Resistant: The shades are made to resist various weather conditions, including rain, extreme heat, and wind.
  • Custom Size: Select from a single parking space to a large parking lot and customize the shades to meet your needs.
  • Stable and durable framework: Support structures are made of sturdy materials to ensure safety.
  • Visibility: Bright colours and clear signage can improve visibility and safety in parking lots.

Tensile Shades, Tents, Parking Shades and other Tensile Shades provide adequate protection against the elements while also adding aesthetic value to outdoor areas. These structures can provide covered parking, create seating areas for outdoor events or host comfortable seating.